Admissions Consultation


Red Hill Field Primary School

Learn Academies Trust (Learn-AT) is the admission authority for Red Hill Field Primary School, which is part of Learn-AT. As a trust we believe it is important that all prospective parents and carers understand how our schools manage the admission process. Parts of the process are common for all schools in Learn-AT; this is reflected in Part 1 of the Admission Policy. Part 2 enables individual schools to reflect the needs of their own communities.

Red Hill Field Primary School is seeking your views on the changes proposed below. Our consultation will run for 6 weeks from 10th December 2018 to 21st January 2019. The determined admissions arrangements must be published on our website by 15th March.

We are required to consult about our arrangements at least every 7 years.

We believe that this policy meets the needs of our local community.

Hard copies of the documents can be provided upon request to Red Hill Field Primary School.

This policy will operate for school entry in September 2020. It will also apply to all mid-term admissions for the school year 2020/21 and for subsequent years until further notice.

We are proposing to harmonize the admission process across the Trust. It is also important for Red Hill Field Primary School to ensure that its policy is compliant with regulations set out in the School Admissions Code of Practice.

Red Hill Field Primary School Catchment Area

You can see a map of our catchment area here or by clicking on the image below:

Current Admissions Arrangements: 
Our current admissions arrangements can be found here.

It is proposed to replace the current admissions arrangements with the following:

Learn-AT Admissions Policy Part 1

Learn-AT Admission Part 2 – Red Hill Field Primary School

We believe that having a simpler, Trust-wide policy will make the school admission process easier for parents and carers, and also ensures compliance with the Code of Practice.

Respond to the Consultation

We welcome all responses  to this proposal either by post or email or by responding via the survey link below. 

If you have any comments please, either: 


  • write to the school at Red Hill Field Primary School
    Copt Oak Road, Narborough
    Leicestershire, LE19 3EF


  • respond via this link

The trustees will then consider all responses before making a final decision.

This will be published on the Learn-AT and school websites, along with information about how any objections can be lodged with the Office of the School Adjudicator.