Sync Your Calendar - USER GUIDE

When is Harvest Festival?

What date is my child's assembly?

When's the next film night?

Never miss another date in the school diary by syncing the school calendar with your iphone or pc! Simply follow these basic instructions....

  • On the home page click on the 'All Dates' button on the right of the screen under 'Upcoming Events'


  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the relevant link for where you want to sync the calendar. You will either be directed to an instructions page (on PC) or a box will pop up on the screen with the option to 'subscribe'. Click on this and hey presto!.....all the school dates should automatically appear in your calendar. NB you need to click on the right link on the right technology. EG, if you wish to sync your ipad calendar you must click the link from your ipad, it will not work if you are using a laptop at the time.