At Red Hill Field Primary School, we provide a creative, engaging and exciting curriculum designed to spark children’s interest and create a love of learning.

We use a creative and thematic approach to learning that is mapped to the 2014 Primary National Curriculum to ensure comprehensive coverage of national expectations. We provide a rich menu of exciting and motivating learning activities that make creative links between all aspects of our children’s learning.  We believe children learn better when they are encouraged to use their imagination and apply their learning to engaging contexts. Our curriculum will provide lots of learning challenges throughout the academic year that will require children to solve problems, apply themselves creatively and express their knowledge and understanding effectively.

We use the Singapore approach to Mathematics, a teaching method based on the national mathematics curriculum used in Singapore. In line with the requirements of the National Curriculum, children learn and master fewer mathematical concepts in greater detail using a three-step learning process. The three steps are: concrete, pictorial, and abstract. In the concrete step, children engage in hands-on learning experiences using concrete objects such as counters and pasta. This is followed by drawing pictorial representations of mathematical concepts. Children then solve mathematical problems in an abstract way by using numbers and symbols.

Religious Education

The Leicestershire Agreed Syllabus forms the framework for Religious Education in the school. Children are taught about the main Christian beliefs and are made aware of the importance of other religious faiths.  Assemblies are held regularly and parents are invited to join the open assembly which is usually held in school.  If you wish your child to be excluded from assembly or Religious Education please contact the school office.

Relationship and Sex Education

Sex education is dealt with informally as it arises, usually within the science curriculum.  We try to deal with children's questions factually, honestly and sensitively to meet their needs at the time. In line with best practice, a specific programme of sex education is offered to our Year 6 children and parents will be informed about the timing and content of this.