School Uniform

All clothing worn to school should be in a style and condition suited to the demands of the school day including active playtimes.

School Uniform 

White/Red polo shirt, plain shirt, blouse or t-shirt

Grey/Black/Navy plain trousers, shorts, skirt, pinafore dress, leggings or joggers

Red jumper, fleece or cardigan

Red and White / Red school-type summer dress, skirt or shorts


The following items of School Uniform are on sale in school (we make minimal profit from the sale of uniform):

  • Red Mistral Outdoor Jacket - £15.00
  • Red Full Zipped Fleece - £11.50
  • Red Sweatshirt - £8.50
  • Red Sweatshirt Cardigan - £9.50
  • Sun-safe Cap (no logo) - £4:20
  • Red Book Bag with Logo - £4:20

We also carry a very small stock of adult size sweatshirts and full-zipped fleeces.  Prices, on request, are subject to VAT.

Please complete and return this order form if you wish to purchase any of these items.



Indoor / Outdoor - Sensible, low-heeled black shoes

Outdoor PE - Trainers or other suitable PE shoes

Indoor PE - Bare feet



Plain white short sleeved T-shirt

Plain grey/black/red shorts

Plain grey/black/red jogging bottoms/tracksuit bottoms.

Plain grey/black/red sweatshirt/fleece/tracksuit top


Children will require shorts and a plain short sleeved T-shirt to change into, trainers or similar PE shoes are required for outdoor PE. In the colder weather an extra jumper, gloves, hat, etc. may be useful. For safety reasons, jewellery is not allowed and long hair is to be tied back.

Children should bring their PE kit into school on a Monday and it take home on a Friday for washing. A named drawstring bag is preferred due to limitations on cloakroom space.


The following items will not be considered appropriate school wear:

Jeans (of any colour/condition)

Decorative jewellery

Football shirts/shorts or clothing, such as high heels, platform sole, crop-tops, strappy vest tops, or clothes with logos other than RHF.



A small store of donated second hand uniform may be available. Please ask! Parents experiencing financial or other difficulty in providing school uniform for their children are invited to speak to the Headteacher in confidence.


Outdoor Clothes

Warm outdoor clothing will be required for break and lunchtime.



Pupils will require a one-piece swimming costume and towel (no sprays, powder or valuables please). For safety reasons children are not allowed to wear swimming goggles or earrings and long hair is to be tied back. However, if there is a medical reason why goggles are required, then a letter explaining the problem should be sent to the school. If worn, goggles should comply with Leicestershire County Council Health & Safety Information circular, a copy of which is available in school.


Extra Curricular Sports 

Normal PE kit is required, the school will provide team strips where appropriate. To meet the requirements of the Football Association, football boots and shin pads will be required for any child selected to play in the school football team.


School Trips and Special Events 

School uniform is to be worn. A list of any special clothing requirements will be issued in advance of any school trip and may include wellingtons, extra warm clothing, etc.7


Residential Visits

A kit list will be issued in advance of any visit.


Jewellery and Earrings 

Decorative jewellery is not considered appropriate school wear; children with pierced ears are only allowed to wear simple studs.

Pierced Ears: The LEA Health and Safety directive requires that earrings be removed by the wearer before PE, including swimming. However, parents should provide micropore tape to cover studs, if the child is unable to remove them by themselves.


Hats and Sun Cream 

Sun hats are advisable during the summer months. There is no objection to children bringing sun cream providing they apply it themselves and only use it on themselves. All sun creams need to be labelled with a name and will be kept in the child’s PE bag.


This dress code is issued with the school prospectus and reviewed as necessary, subject to consultation.