School Sports Premium

The success of the 2012 Olympics generated the motto ‘Inspire a Generation’ and schools are encouraged to do this with the provision of a School Sports Premium (SSP). At Red Hill Field we were incredibly fortunate to receive £9000 during 2014/15 which we have put to good use throughout the school.

We want to ensure that every child at Red Hill Field receives an exciting and challenging PE curriculum. Our staff receive training, planning advice and resources to ensure this. Children are taught by highly qualified sports coaches at least once a week. There are various extra-curricular activities available across all key stages, many of which are free (please see separate timetable.) 

The premium has also supplemented the costs for the annual athletics event at Saffron Lane, as well as swimming for Year 3 pupils.

We also ensure children are supported in accordance with their ability. Intervention has been put into place for children struggling with fine and gross motor skills, and for our Gifted and Talented (G&T) children there is a club that challenges their sporting ability.

Please take a look at this presentation to find out more about the vision for PE and Sport at Red Hill Field.