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What a busy half-term it has been! Here is a blog written by Mrs Combey's class to explain why it has been so busy...Our blogby Mrs Combey’s class This half term our topic has been Stargazers and we have loved learning about the planets, stars and moons. MathsAt the beginning of the year, we learnt about place value and how to round numbers to the nearest 10,100,1000,10000 and even 100000! More recently, we have been consolidating column addition and subtraction and using bar models. EnglishWe wrote detailed reports on the planets of our choice, using information from the Wonderdome visit. It was a huge inflatable dome which used a projector to show images and factual information. As a class, we watched an exciting short film set in space. Following this, we composed character and setting descriptions. Our whole class read has been Cogheart which is an adventurous story which has hooked us in from the very first page!PEWe have been trying to improve our health and fitness by doing balances, stretches, exercises and running. This increased our heart rates and got our bodies moving. Using stopwatches, and working as a team, we have tried to develop our pacing. In addition to this, we have been doing basketball including drills, shooting and 4 a side games.ArtUsing pastels and chalks, we drew a picture of a moon hidden by the silhouette of a tree. We used a variety of colours to make the effect of the moon glowing. Also, we created pictures of our favourite planets using chalk and blending it to create a more accurate image. TopicUsing the knowledge we developed through our topic we created posters and fact files of planets. As part of our Science work, we have done experiments on insulation and the force of gravity. We learnt how to use force meters. In addition, we learnt about the space race between Russia and America. While year 6 were away, the rest of 5/6 created dioramas of our solar system. We tried to make sure they were accurate and to scale. We have loved this half term, and we are very proud of our hard work and effort. We can’t wait to come back to Frozen Kingdom.   Click here to see a list of Maths websites for you and your child to look at at home.



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